Chicago Riverwalk Engagement Wedding Portrait Session
Bart Galbas
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Chicago Riverwalk Engagement Wedding Portrait Session

Engagement portrait by Bart Galbas

Photographed along the Chicago Riverwalk during summer's evening hours. This pedestrian waterfront spans from Franklin Street to Lake Shore Drive and offers multiple locations for portraits. It's one of Bart's many spots to take his couples for engagement and wedding portraits. What makes this place attractive is its close proximity to his other downtown Chicago portrait locations, like the gardens of the Art Institute and Millennium Park.

Engagement session is a big part of the wedding photography coverage. It creates memorable and beautiful images of the couple that can be used, among other things, for the save the date cards and display prints at the wedding. It also serves as a great way of getting to know the photographer who on the other hand will learn about couple's personalities, likes and dislikes. After all, just like the bridal party, the photographer will be with the couple for the majority of their wedding day.

This engagement image was taken with Nikon wide angle Lens on a full frame D4 body. No artificial light was used.

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Location: Chicago, Illinois 60606.